Arizona Sunshine

It is the latest virtual reality game, and you will feel like you are playing the latest edition of the zombie apocalypse. The first person shooter game will take you to a new level of adventure. The game will begin with you versus the zombies. Soon it would seem like that it is only you and the entire state has been turned into a zombie. However, soon there would come a time when you hear the sound of the people running by. It will give you the hope that you are not alone.
The best thing about the game is that there are not only the motion control weapons. The latest tools have the features that will make you feel like you are in a real war against zombies. It has been developed Oculus and the HTC Vive.
You will get the capability to handle the weapons as if you do in real life. The zombies are coming for your brains, and you have to kill them to protect yourself. You will be in the middle of the zombie land, and you must know the survival skills to protect yourself.


Here is the list of the amazing skills and features that you learn to succeed.
  • You have to learn to use the VR motion controllers to learn to use more than 25 weapons to be the top player.
  • Join the different full-size campaign ensure to be as narrative as possible so that you can enjoy the entire ride
  • Start the co-multiplayer so that you can enhance your team and power to get rid of the zombie squad
  • Change the environment in such a way that zombies will not get the brains to survive
It is your chance to show your skills and ensure that the best player wins. You will feel like you are there and it will change your entire undead experience.  

6519 Hollywood Blvd.. 1 ticket per person for 1 hour game