​VR: Vacate the Room

Who does not know about the escape games in which you have to solve the puzzle to get out of the room and reach the next level? Now the game is available in the VR version, and you will get the chance to experience it in a whole new way.
All you have to do is to learn how to manage the game. You have to make sure that you have learned the virtual handling of the puzzles and the mysteries that you will have to resolve in the game. As only then you will be able to vacate the Room otherwise you will be stuck at the same level forever. Do not think that if you were the champion on your smartphone game, you would be here as well. As most of the best players have been defeated by the Vacate the Room VR.
You have to keep in mind that the clues will be hidden in the places that you cannot even think about. The level of difficulty will increase with each passing level, and it is already hard to play in the virtual reality.

Important points

Some of the important points that you have to consider to play the game are:
  • It is only supported by the HTC Viva
  • The small size is good, but it would be better if you have the medium sized room
  • To play the game at best, you have to ensure to reach the minimum height of 2.10 meters of the room.
Do now it is the time to practice the VR skills so that you can get out of the entire mansion or house that you have selected to play the game. Take over the game with your best techniques.  

6519 Hollywood Blvd.. 1 ticket per person for 1 hour game