Star Wars

If you want to go on the Jedi mission, then it is the best game that you can play. For all the users that are in love with the Star Wars, the Trials on Tatooine will give them the entire experience of the Jedi fights and the walk on the virtual surfaces.
You have to keep in mind that the Trials on Tatooine will use only a single controller, so you will be well prepared with the right gadgets to be the best Jedi. It is your choice who you would prefer to be, but you must have the skills to fight like the professionals.
The moment that you will wear your VR set and get those headphones on you will feel like you are walking on the planets and flying in the space. There would be the moment when you would prefer to stay in the game because it is such a perfect world. However, it comes at the cost of your skills. The better you can fight the more chance you will get to live in the virtual world and be the top player.
You have to keep in mind that when you travel through the Trials on Tatooine, you might have to suffer from the VR sickness. So to avoid all such issues make sure that you are completely trained to take on the game. In the beginning, you might find it hard but soon it would be a piece of cake, and with the increasing levels you will be able to become the top Jedi.
You have to defend yourself from the attacks that come from your rivals to ensure that you can survive as long as possible. Repair the Falcon and be the one who gets the chance the wield the lightsaber.  

6519 Hollywood Blvd.. 1 ticket per person for 1 hour game