Refund and cancellation policy

Refund policy and warranty obligation

  1. Interactive Entertainment (“Event”), provided by Secret Rooms (“Organizer”), is consumed while provided, thus, no refund can be issued after the Event occurred. Attending Event is itself an act of acceptance in full amount.

  2. Duration of Event can last up to 60 minutes, depending on how fast client resolves the puzzles offered.

  3. Event stopped because of equipement malfunction or by Organizers decision other that consideration of safety and/or mental and physical safety of the client can be a subject for partial or full amount refund.

  4. Event stopped upon request of the client is NOT a subject for partial or full amount.

Booking cancelation policy:

  1. All cancelations must be claimed by phone 24 prior to booked time. In case of such a cancelation processing fee of 10% is retained by Organizer.

  2. Any cancelations after the period mentioned are NOT a subject for refund, however can be optionally and/or partially refunded. Decision of such a refund is a sole privilege of the Organizer and normally is based upon the ability to find a substitute client for the booked time slot. Client's ability to provide such a substitution is a factor for a such a decision.