Investment proposal

Virtual Reality Games is a constantly growing and evolving entity. Please find current investment proposals below.

Virtual Reality Games Universal enlargement and remodeling investment proposal

3611 Cahuenga blvd. W

Opened since:
February 2016

Current state:
5 VR stations at 600sqf. on a second floor of 2,000sqf amusement park.

Current revenue:
$20,000.00 per month.

After remodeling:
12 VR stations at 1500sqf on a ground floor of 4,000sqf amusement park.

Expected revenue:
$45,000.00 a month.

Project deadline:
March 2018

Investment plan: $75,000.00

Investment lay-out:
$25,000.00 goes towards 20% share acquisition
$50,000.00 goes towards equipment purchase

(323) 515-9951