Virtual Reality Arcade Hollywood is a cutting edge VR center offering you wide variety of VR headsets, libraries and arcades. Come with your friends, enjoy over 60 different VR games and experiences.

Who can play VR?

Anyone older than 5 years old. Minor have to be represented by guardians though. Also, please be mindful with VR game and experience choices for your kids, it's guardian's responsibility to make sure minor gamer is playing appropriate games. Some can include violence and explicit content.
The store is situated on the ground floor with no stairs, so main area of Virtual Reality Hollywood is wheel chair accessible. So, people with physical challenges are widely welcome.

How to play Virtual Reality?

Playing Virtual Reality can be compared to video gaming with only difference that you don't play it, you live it! That's how immersive it is. So, basically, depending on the type of headset your VR spot will have a library of up to 60 games/experiences you can choose from and switch in between on your own.
If you never experienced VR before our system will offer you to play VR Tutorial that takes only about 3 minutes and will fully educate you on how to operate controllers, use it's buttons and navigate through the library. Just enjoy!