Fruit Ninja VR

We all are aware of the cell phone version of the Fruit Ninja as it has been the most exciting game that people liked to play for relaxation and fun. Now it is the time to take the game to the next level. This is the reason that the VR version of the Fruit Ninja has been launched. It will take you into the game to experience the fun like never before. You will have the feeling that you are actually in the game.
However, the virtual world is nothing like your phone screen because you will have to learn to handle the sword like the real life warrior to cut the entire range of fruits. Otherwise, your virtual form will lose everything that you have gained. 
The best thing about the game is that the fruit slicing action is available for everyone. All you need is the skill set, and you will be the top player regardless of your age. You will be satisfied with the gameplay because it will give you all the upgrades and the latest weapons that you require to win the game. 
Here is the list of the amazing features that you will come across in the game. 
You will get the dual wielding, the double blades for extra fun
There are three different modes the classic, arcade, and Zen with different features to enhance your experience 
There is special survival mode to help you train yourself with the exciting features
It is the time that you become the best ninja that you can with the exceptional skills that you have. The Fruit Ninja VR is the best game to learn that real life weapon handling skills that you can use further as well. So get on the platform. 

6519 Hollywood Blvd.. 1 ticket per person for 1 hour game